Search engine optimization is a dynamically changing industry. Pitted against each other in a competitive battle, search engines constantly enhance their algorithms, apply new features, filters, penalties & adjustments. The result of all this is the neverending shuffle of search engine rankings that keeps us, search engine optimizers, argus-eyed. Solid research & development & mighty analytical skills of our SEO division employees enable us to provide excellence in SEO which is guaranteed to our customers today.

Boost traffic to your website, let us get you ranked on Google today!

Take the initial step of SEO, one of our analysts will review your website & identify which areas need optimization to make the site search engine friendly. Oftentimes, sites may have duplicate content, session ID numbers, flash content, dynamic content & other such problems which prevent webpages from being indexed. In addition, we will review your keywords & use keyword research tools to create a list of the most searched terms for your website or industry.


We are committed to your business, your success, and your future!


If you need a dedicated or simple shared hosting and email facilities, we can assist with the selection and setup of the appropriate web hosting and email service through our partnership with leading national hosting company.

Our new servers and location offer the following benefits and services to our clients.

We will register a domain name for you, which will be easily accessible for your client's. The advantage of having your own domain name is the short, easy to remember URL, which consists of your company name for example Another advantage is, it allows you to have an e-mail address that includes your domain name e.g.

The cost for registering your domain name is once off, which includes the first years administrative costs. The administrative cost is a yearly fee which is payable on the anniversary of your domain registration. We can also register your domain with other TLD's such as, .com, . net, or .org .mobi as many of these URL are based overseas and due to fluctuation in the Rand, we can only give a Price On Request.

What our clients say about us

"Over the last 4 years that you have offered your services to my Company with regards to web hosting , maintenance and SEO and also assistance with preparation of marketing materials for my advertising campaigns. In this time your professionalism , quality of work and very efficient response time to projects and requests have been above excellence.

I would confidently and highly recommend Virtual Mutsami to any other prospective client interested in acquiring their services."

Fernando Ramos, Fire and Gas MANAGING DIRECTOR

We have been working with Virtual Mutsami for the past 4 years on a range of web projects. Their turnaround times have always been excellent and their understanding of the job at hand has made each of the projects a pleasure from start to finish. I can highly recommend Virtual Mutsami for all your web development needs. .

Maryna Strachan, The Wine Show EDITOR

“Virtual Mutsami’s professionalism is above reproach, they aim to please and I can only say your Web site could not be in better hands.” 

Garth Dominy, Healthier Homes CEO